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OHA's Expert Commercial Refrigeration Service

Commercial Freezer, Walk-in Cooler and Ice Machine Repair and Service in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Sportsylvania, King George, Culpeper and Ashland VA.
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Over 25 years in business

OHA Home Service | On Time, Honest and Guaranteed​

Are you in search of a professional and certified refrigeration technician? Call OHA for your commercial refrigeration needs.

We are ready to assist you with all your refrigeration service and repair needs. If you are running a restaurant and your walk in cooler breaks, you can potentially lose thousands of dollars in food and business from having to shut down until it is fixed.  If you own a grocery store and your island freezer or wall chiller breaks, it needs to be fixed quickly, before the food goes bad.   We understand the urgency of our customer's needs and the potential costs to their business and we move quickly to fix the problem and get the unit operational as quickly as possible.

The quality of service we render to our clients is our top priority. We have spent 25 years perfecting our skills. We know what works and what doesn't when it comes to servicing or repairing your refrigeration equipment.

We aim to always live up to our customers’ expectations with honest work at a fair price.


Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Service

We service and repair commercial refrigeration equipment to include Walk-in Coolers, Ice Machines, Commercial Freezers and other commercial refrigeration equipment.  If you have an emergency or just want us to service your equipment to keep it running properly, please give us a call.

We service all sorts of businesses including restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, government buildings and more.

Call OHA and we will quickly have an honest assessment of the issue and provide you with an estimate for repair.

Signs That Your Refrigeration Needs Repair

If you suspect an irregular functioning of your refrigeration equipment, it is best you act immediately before the issue becomes drastic. Keeping an eye on your refrigeration system will help to detect failures before they completely break down.

Here are few signs that your refrigeration needs a repair:

Condensation Accumulating

If you notice your refrigerator is sweating inside or outside, it is a sign of condensation build-up. Condensation build-up can cause molding, and molding can, in turn, infect your food which is not good for your health. It contaminates your food and could cause sickness. When you notice signs like this, put a call through to a repair and get it sorted.

Motor Over-heating

Your motor may be going bad if you are experiencing inconsistent temperatures inside your refrigeration unit(s). OHA will send a technician to go over your options for repair or replacement, if necessary,

Fluid Leakage

Several reasons can cause your equipment to leak. If you see any fluids in or aroud your unit, please call OHA and we will diagnose the issue. Call a technician immediately when this happens to avoid further damage.

Equipment Has Reached End of Life

All refrigeration systems have a life expectancy, most between 10-20 years. Components do not have the same longevity and they may start to break down before this. Regular maintenance will help keep your equipement operating properly.


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