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A small town with big city charm, Fredericksburg, Virginia, is a haven to many. We particularly love the attractive neighborhoods amidst beautiful outdoors and unique attractions. While living in this charming Virginia town gives you plenty of options for outdoor adventure, having a functional indoor environment is vital for quality living.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to ensure the proper functioning of your plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment. These systems typically develop signs of wear and tear over time and therefore need professional services to work efficiently.

Our full-service plumbing and HVAC company offers extensive residential services throughout Fredericksburg, Virginia. Whether you live near downtown or on the other side of town, around Argyle Heights, we can help you. Contact us to speak to a trained technician.

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What Types of Services Do We Offer in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

You can count on us for all your home’s heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs, from installations to repairs to maintenance and replacements. Our experienced professionals will care for your furnace and clean your drains. And if you have an issue with your generator, gas fireplace or chimney, let us handle the problem and make sure your home stays functional for a long time.

Below is a comprehensive look at our services:

HVAC Heating and Furnace Systems

Virginia winters can be biting cold; you wouldn’t want to face frosty weather without a well-functioning heater. We bet you’ll be grateful you got professional HVAC installation to help keep you warm throughout the cold months. And if your old heater has broken down, we recommend getting expert HVAC repair services to fix problems and get the system in optimal working condition.

If you need a new heating system or want an upgrade from your old one, we can help you decide between a gas or electric furnace. Contact our HVAC company for heating system installations, replacements, repairs or preventative maintenance at any time.

Cooling Systems

Although vital in households, air conditioners are often an afterthought for many homeowners. You probably have a lot on your mind as you work and run daily errands and may fail to notice faulty air conditioning. Now is the time to ensure you have a reliable air conditioner installed so that the indoor environment in your home remains comfortable on hot summer days.

Don’t wait for the temperature outdoors to rise before getting an efficient AC system. Call us for professional AC installation in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and our experts will help you install a system that matches your cooling needs. We’re also available for air conditioning repairs or maintenance whenever your system gets damaged.

Home Generators

To make sure you are prepared for emergencies caused by power losses in the city, we recommend investing in and maintaining a home generator. A backup generator is a great home appliance to keep the lights on if a power outage or other crisis occurs. Besides ensuring your refrigerator, furnace, fans, sump pump and lights are operational during a blackout, a whole home generator will provide the constant electricity you need for medical devices.

As a premier Generac generator dealer, we can help you stay safe and comfortable until power is restored by integrating a reliable generator into your electrical system. Reach out to us now to receive help with the sizing and installation of Generac generators. If you’re looking for “generator repair near me,” our team handles service calls and maintenance needs.

Gas Fireplaces and Logs

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, gas fireplaces are ideal for keeping homes warm and cozy. They allow you to bask in warmth as you enjoy friendly chitchat with your family and friends. The best news is these fireplaces are clean and efficient, as they won’t leave an ashy mess, and gas logs can provide warm flames just as their wood-burning counterparts do.

Gas fireplaces are renowned for their quick action and efficiency compared to traditional furnaces. Whether you’re looking for “gas fireplaces near me” and want a reliable supply of updated gas logs or need repairs and routine maintenance services, we can help you — contact us to speak to a trained professional.

Chimney Sweep and Repair

We know that nothing beats the warm feeling of sitting in front of a burning fire as you spend time indoors on a cold evening. As you add wood to keep the flames blazing, you want to make sure the sparks and smoke are effectively drawn up the chimney. These sparks can cause a fire hazard if they come across bird nests or flammable deposits in the chimney liner, and if cracks are present, carbon monoxide could leak into your home and put your family’s health at risk.

If you’re surfing online for a “chimney sweep near me” to get help checking your fireplace’s condition, you can trust us to make sure your chimney is clean and effective. We have professional video inspection tools that can assess every corner of your chimney liner and check whether chimney repairs are necessary. Our mess-free cleaning ensures we leave your home better than we found it, and our professional repair services will put your fireplace in optimal condition.

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Every home needs a well-functioning plumbing system to run efficiently. Your drains are crucial tools as they dispose of waste by directing it to the sewer system. If something blocks the drainage pathways, blackwater can back up, and your home will become a health hazard.

It’s best to contact professional drain cleaners like us if you notice a problem with your drainage system, such as slow water drainage accompanied by odors. Our staff will thoroughly inspect your drains to identify the root cause of the blockage before performing any necessary repairs. We’ll also use industry-grade equipment to clean your pipes and get your drains functioning like new ones.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Water heater problems are notorious for striking when we least expect them, leaving you with icy cold water instead of the steamy showers you enjoy. To avoid these problems and maintain your home’s comfort, trained professionals should regularly service your water heater and give insight on best practices. It’s also wise to get expert help when deciding on a new system to ensure your updated appliances will satisfy your needs.

Our savvy water heater pros can help you select and install a reliable water heater if you’re a first-time buyer or need a replacement system. And if you ever notice problem signs, for example, hot water leaks or a weird smell from the heating system, we’re the company to call for expert inspections, solutions and care. Our staff specializes in the professional installation, replacement, repair and maintenance of water heaters throughout Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Your sewage system is responsible for the safe disposal of waste. Therefore, anything that hinders its normal functioning may cause a sewer backflow in any part of your plumbing system. That means wastewater can back up through multiple appliances, including washing machines, toilets, dishwashers and even outdoor pools.

Regular sewer system cleaning is a top strategy to keep the lines blockage-free and functional. If that’s what you need, we offer expert sewer cleaning services around Fredericksburg, Virginia. Contact our friendly service technicians today to schedule a prompt sewer line cleaning appointment, especially if a backflow has occurred.

Garbage Disposals

If you need garbage disposal services in or around Fredericksburg, Virginia, our team will be ready to answer your call. We know that a garbage disposal is among the handiest tools in your modern kitchen because it’s responsible for keeping the area clean and sanitary. Regular professional service will go a long way in ensuring the system is in peak working condition, even if you have the most reliable model on the market today, and repairs by seasoned experts will deal with underlying issues that are causing malfunctions.

You can always rely on our skilled plumbing professionals for expert garbage disposal services. Our team can service equipment of all makes and models. Plus, there’s no request we can’t handle, from garbage disposal installations and replacements to repairs and maintenance checks.

Pipe Repair

Burst pipes are among the most common plumbing problems our company deals with daily. They can be exceedingly problematic since water will trickle down your walls and ceilings or across the floors, depending on the location, and can destroy everything it comes across. This issue could cost you hundreds or thousands of property damage within a short timeframe. Consequently, it’s crucial to get prompt pipe repair services.

We are only a phone call away if you need fast, reliable and efficient burst pipe repair services in Fredericksburg, Virginia. When you contact us, our skilled professionals will find a way to your property as quickly as possible to address the issue. We’ll conduct a thorough piping system evaluation, identify the root of the problem and perform the repairs that might have caused your water problems. Don’t forget to schedule regular preventative maintenance for professional service calls from our qualified technicians.

OHA Home Service is locally owned and operated, serving the Fredericksburg, Stafford and surrounding region for more than two decades. For more information please call us or fill out our online form

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