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OHA Home Service Filtration

Providing The Highest Quality Water Filtration Systems For Your Home!
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Over 26 years in business

The Most Trusted Service Company In Fredericksburg, Chantilly, And Ashland, VA.

We install, maintain, and repair water filtration systems you can trust.

For more than 26 years, we have served Fredericksburg, VA, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide, high quality work, on-time technicians, and the very best service for you and your family. All of our technicians have gone through a thorough background check, if we wouldn’t let them in our homes, then we will not hire them.

Our Home Water Filtration Services

Water analysis services
Water analysis services

The home filtration system you install will depend on the type of water you are using. Since there are different methods of purifying water, they are deployed for different types of water contaminants.

We analyze the water to determine which water filtration system works best for your home or apartment. We also ensure that the water will serve all your needs.

If the water is hard, we ensure that you get systems that use the most efficient water-softening methods. Whatever type of contaminant, you can trust that we will provide a permanent fix.

Water Filtration
Installation of whole-house water filtration systems

Everything requires clean water. Laundry, drinking, cooking, or any other task requires the best water you can get. Unfortunately, ground, harvested, regulated or piped water may not meet all the requirements for safe and reliable water.

Water hardness and contaminants ensure that your appliances are overworking costing you more in energy bills. Unpurified water is the number one cause of fading and fabric damage. All these can be avoided through an efficient whole-house water purification process.
Our experts can install full house water purification systems for homes, apartments, banks, businesses, medical centers, and any other place you want pure water.

water filtration systems
Single-point water filtration systems

We also install drinking water filtration systems, below-the-sink water purification systems, and other specialized water treatment needs.

What Our Systems Solve:

There are over 250 possible pollutants and contaminants in water. Only the right water filtration method will help you solve this.

Unique upflow, dual tank design increases water contact time with contaminants removing media to prevent clogging or media channeling.

Bacteria Clean
Water Filter
Hard Water
Hard water

Our systems purify all the groundwater issues, including hardness, cloudiness, off-color, and smells.


Water can have visible or microscopic sediments. Our water filtration systems solve them both to make the water safe for laundry and other uses.

Foul Smells
Foul smells

All types of foul smells, including fishy smells, rotten egg smells, chlorine, and musty odors can be solved.


Pressurized water usually comes with air bubbles. Passing the water through a purification process will remove the trapped air making it safer for use.


Chemical, viral, or lead contamination can cause untold suffering to your family. We make sure that the tested water passes through a checklist of tests to ensure that the installed system does its work.

Rusty smells
Rusty smells

Water passing through old metal pipes will likely have rusty smells and tastes. Our system will also help you deal with this problem before you can replace the rusty pipes.

Why Choose Our Water Filtration Systems?


You want a system you can trust that will indeed solve your water quality problems, and that is what you get. No cutting corners or compromising on quality.

Affordable water purification systems
Affordable water purification systems

You get the best value for your money through our services. Expert installation, optimization of use, and performance. All of which ensure that you have minimal management and inconvenience costs. No need to buy bottled water or extra purification solutions once we have set up the systems.

Better quality of life
Better quality of life

You can be sure that you will have a better laundry experience, better cooking experience, better water taste, better showers, happier appliances, and overall a happy family.

Cost savings
Cost savings

We ensure that those constant appliance breakdowns caused by contaminated water, heavy bills caused by hard water, and related costs become a thing of the past. Eventually, you save a fortune in the process.

Filter Change

Why Choose OHA?

Best customer experience

If our reviews are to go by, you are looking at Fredericksburg's finest service company. We take pride in what we do, and our customers are always happy. All our team members are highly trained and specialized in their trades. Our goal is quality and durability. If this is something you require, we are your go-to company.

Certified and licensed installers

We only work with a team of specialists in their field. They are all certified and licensed to do inspections, installations, and repairs. You can rest assured that what is promised is what is delivered at the end of the project.

100% Customer satisfaction

We commit to 100% customer satisfaction or money back. If you are not happy, we refund you. Why? You cannot stay with a faulty water cleaning and purification system. And if you don't trust the system, you can never feel safe.

Filter Water

Arranged financing options

We have financing options for various services. Whether it is a new home system or a full home installation process, we have options. Talk to us for more information.

Original parts and systems

We source all our systems directly from approved dealers and suppliers. We also ensure that you are getting products and systems warranties so that you can get the best deal.

Bacteria Safe


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A Trusted, Reliable Company

You will be putting your water purification needs in the hands of a company that has 26 years of progressive filtration systems experience. you will also be entrusting your family's water needs to a local company that understands all the possible water problems in our area. The same systems we have in our homes are the same systems we deploy in your home.

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Talk to us at (540) 205-8755, to book an appointment.

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