# Review 1

Matt, Paul and Jonathan arrived on time ready to work. They explained what they were going to do and started by insuring our house would be protected from removal of the old system. Everything that Fred Ouellette explained during the estimate visit a month earlier was right on. after the installation they took the time to explain the new thermostat until we were comfortable with operating it. After they left, I took one more look around the house and noticed they forgot to put putty around the opening of the house were the pipes and wire entered. i thought no big deal i’ll just get some and do it myself, about an hour later, Matt rang the doorbell and said he saw the putty in the truck when he got back to the office and on his way home from a long days work stopped by to finish the job. Honest hard working people.

# Review 2

Great service. The technician was very professional

# Review 3

Ouellette’s team was able to complete the installation in two days and haul away the old units. The new system is much more effective with consistent temperatures throughout our home. As well, it is much more efficient with demonstrably lower electric bills. We wholeheartedly recommend this company.

# Review 4

Let’s start out by asking: Would I recommend Ouellette or use them again, ABSOLUTELY!! (Our upstairs A/C unit stopped working and from a previous HVAC company we received an extremely high quote. We knew we were on borrowed time for our downstairs unit too). We were give the name and number to Ouellette HVAC by good friends of ours. I was unsure if they would come two counties up to where we live, but they were able to fit us in. Which worked out to be a bonus for us. 🙂 The receptionist who answered the phone was polite and when she said she would return our call…she actually did !! No tracking anyone down, or waiting for them to call back. Devon came out to inspect our A/C unit which was not working. He was on time, very polite and extremely thorough. He worked up the numbers and explained in detail what needed to be done with the upstairs unit and why were were having airflow issues upstairs. (I don’t think we’ve ever felt the air in the master bedroom since we bought the house 4 years ago). Anyway, the upstairs furnace had to be turned so the new coil (A/C) unit would properly fit. Since we knew we were on borrowed time with the downstairs unit we opted to get a quote for both. After looking at the the unit, we knew found out we needed new furnace too. In any event, the price, for all three things came in just over what the previously company gave us for one A/C unit upstairs! And that would not have included fixing/adjusting the venting issues for the lack of airflow. One of the things I particularly liked was that I did not feel like I was being talked down to because I was a woman. I felt that I was spoken to as anyone homeowner should be spoken to, male or female. Devon came out for the installation with two others and within two days everything was up and running. I can honestly say we can actually feel the airflow in the master bedroom (we thought we could not because the room was over the garage…come to find out it was just airflow issues!!) Would I recommend Ouellette or use them again, in a heartbeat and without any hesitation!

# Review 5

Excellent response and service. Good, comprehensive advice on our home heating needs. Service tech came the next day and did the work quickly and professionally. Excellent price break for new customer. I would highly recommend this company.

# Review 6
Elizabeth Liersch

Best HVAC company to ever service our house!

This was the first time ever that i felt like the guy knew what he was talking about, and thoroughly explained the problem our A/C was having. Even took pictures, which to me is outstanding and shows that OHA Heating & Air takes the extra mile for their customers. Would i recommend them to anybody i know? 110% yes!