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Behind the Scenes: Unsung Heroes

Summer to winter, fall to spring; season after season, our homes remains steadfast against the blowing winds, thrashing leaves, and continuous drainage.

If rain strikes and the exterior paint chips off, we are immediately notified by the drastic change in outlook.

Yet, what happens if something is disturbed from within, and we fail to notice until it is too late?

With gutters out of sight and out of mind, they can become a menace and heavily disrupt our life.

Make sure to never let that happen!

OHA Home Service; Setting the Standard in Gutter Services

An industry leader with 23 massive years of experience in the field, we at OHA Home Service know the importance of clean gutters and the integral role they play in one’s daily life.

However, we also remain aware of how people often shy away from the task of peeking into gutters to figure out blockage level, or of investing in the the upkeep of gutters and downspouts.

Not to worry – because we have arrived to cater to all your gutter-related worries.

With our specialist team and state-of-the-art equipment as well as technology, you don’t have to stress about gutter cleaning and repairs.

From old home to new ones, well-maintained buildings to those seldom used, gutters are like the blood flow for a home – rarely noticeable but extremely crucial.  

We at OHA Home Service hope to take over your home’s inner system, eliminate clots and blockages (pun intended), and pave the path to a healthy home; fit for the ages and upcoming generations! 

What Does a Gutter Do?

Understanding the importance of gutters begins from comprehending what purpose does a gutter serve.

Certainly not just an artistic touch to a house’s outlook, gutters are installed in each home to guide rainwater away from the building’s foundations.

Most homes have roofs that slope downwards. These are outlined with rain gutters. As soon as rain begins pouring down, the water slides down the slopes to fill the guttering systems and downspouts – eventually landing directly in the drainage system and being transported far away from the home.

What Happens in Case of a Clogged Gutter?

As gutters are channels to carry and lead the water away – this means they should be clean enough to hold the water.

Yet, what if your gutters are full to the brim with fallen leaves and remnants of nests?

Your home might just be in deep trouble.

Clogged gutters signify lack of proper drainage, and the possibility of water overflow, even into the home. This can lead to an array of problems:

  • Rotting Fascia Boards; resulting in easy access of water into the home
  • Internal Leaks
  • Damaged Roof
  • Development of Mold
  • Erosion and Weakening of the Walls
  • Arrival of Mosquitos
  • Formation of Puddles and Ruined Gardens

With OHA Home Service by your side however, worrying about “what happens in case of a clogged gutter” can be scratched off your list.

With our impeccable gutter cleaning service – there is no ‘clogged gutter’ to worry about!

Protecting The Roots of Your Home With Seamless Gutters

We at OHA Home Service know what having a home means. It is a safe haven, a place for you to call your own.

Unfortunately, the gravest problem of unclean gutters shows itself in the long run – targeting the very roots of your home.

Here’s how it happens:

  1. Gutters become filled with debris, weeds, branches, twigs, nests (etc.).
  2. The water overflows to fall by the sides of the home, and into the ground beneath.
  3. The water seeps into the foundation of the home, the concrete, softening it.
  4. As temperatures drop, the water freezes and expands to form ice.
  5. Result: Cracks in the foundation!

Over time, the foundation of your home is bound to weaken, and cause hefty repairs in the long run.

Fortunately, with OHA Home Service to clean your gutters, the gutters are spick and span to carry water – preventing any developmental issues. 

An Investment Now, to Prevent Expensive Repairs in the Future!

The Troubles of Cleaning a Gutter Yourself  

You might be thinking:

If roof and gutter cleaning only requires clearing the debris, and other large pollutants from the channels – I could do this myself with a quick ladder climb to the roof.

While a DIY rain gutter cleaning is not impossible, we do not recommend it too – and we have statistics by our side to suggest the same.

Research by Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 concluded that the United States witnessed approximately 34,000 emergencies from ladder-related problems. Over half of these injuries are caused by falling from the ladder, and 113 on top of these result in loss of life!

Now, it is thought that the statistics have gone up to 164,000 emergency room injuries, and 300 deaths!

For your safety, we suggest to opt away from a DIY gutter cleaning, and instead urge you to look for guttering near me – and find us at OHA Home Service as the solution to your needs.

Hints You Should Reach Out to Us

With lack of direct sight into rain gutters and closed downspouts, how do you know when is your gutter in need of cleaning?

Look out for the hints!

  • Ice dams/Icicles may be forming on your roof
  • Deshaped Gutters (they begin to bend or sag by the weight of the debris and pollutants: up to 370 pounds!)
  • Water flowing down walls
  • The appearance of rot on Fascia Boards
  • Puddles close to the downspouts
  • Huddling of birds or other animals near the gutters (can signify a nest being built)

When you see any of these signs peeking from your home, know it is time to make the call to us.

Commercial Buildings or Residential Abodes, OHA Home Service to the Rescue!

Our Gutter cleaning services are unrestricted to a specific structure. Instead, we understand gutters are a crucial component of each construction – from the home to you live in, to your office building, down to the post office across the road.   

A professional gutter cleaning service should especially be hired for commercial buildings because:

  • They are grand in height, and roof guttering requires special equipment, and not the standard home ladders.
  • Scaling tall buildings on your own can be a major health hazard.
  • Guttering downspouts are vertical and long, needing special observational tools to figure out blockage, instead of the naked human eye.

Thus, OHA Home Service offers holistic guttering services for all; including commercial guttering and home guttering.

Features of Our Customized Gutter Cleaning Service

Rain gutters may be located high up on rooftops and downspouts away from the untrained eye, but we at OHA Home Service, go beyond the gutter covers to provide a deep cleanse from within.

Our customized gutter cleaning service follows a 6-step process:

  1. Preliminary Inspection
  2. Securing the Inlet
  3. Removal of Pollutants
  4. Guttering Repair
  5. Downspout Unclogging
  6. Check for Water Flow

Step 1: Preliminary Inspection

Gutter covers, rain gutters and gutter guards are thoroughly inspected by our team of experts to figure out clogged areas, loose screws, and impaired guards.

Step 2: Securing the Inlet

Specialized equipment is brought on-site and fixed in place. While ladder stand-off stabilizers are strategically situated, they help protect your home.

Other expert tools are used for higher buildings.

Step 3: Removal of Pollutants

  • Our team of technicians enter the roof wearing special roofing boots. These have sponge soles that provide good grip and prevent the roof from any harm.
  • The larger pieces of debris, twigs, nests, and branches are removed from the gutter systems.
  • Then, a deeper cleanse with special tools alleviates smaller pollutants.  

Step 4: Guttering Repair

  • Loose gutter screws are tightened
  • Bent gutters are repaired
  • Gutter guards can be installed (if required).

Step 5: Downspout Unclogging

For better drainage, the downspouts are thoroughly cleaned with special tools – to allow free flow of water away from the home’s foundations.

Step 6: Check for Water Flow

The final step is the moment of truth.

We check your gutter system for efficiency in drainage and the sufficiency to carry an adequate amount of water flow.

In the case of OHA Home Service, our experience of 23 years means the final check is almost always in our (and your!) favor.

Protection for Your Gutters: The Gutter Guards

Taking efficient guttering systems a notch higher, we promote the usage of gutter protection with gutter guards.

These are gutter filters installed above the channel and prevent the larger forms of debris from entering the system.

We offer a variety of gutter guards to choose from:

  • Reverse Curve
  • Bottle Brush
  • Foam
  • Mesh, etc.

Our Gutter Guards Work Like Magic!

Permanent gutter guard installation is a blessing in disguise for those who don’t wish to trouble themselves with regular gutter upkeep, and usual ‘peeks’ into the drainage system.

Who should opt for gutter guards?

  • Elderly
  • Parents with young children
  • Larger families
  • Working couples

In short, gutter guards should be installed by everyone due to their wonderful benefits:

  • Reduce gutter clogging
  • Prevent rust accumulation
  • Easier cleaning

For the best gutter guards, reach out to us at OHA Home Service, and leave the guttering to us!

Seasons that Call for Our Services

Filling up of the gutters is a year-long process, but when exactly is it the right time to get your gutter cleaning done?

Allow our team of experts to guide you:

  • Early Spring

Spring arrives right after winters. This means you might see some icicles hanging from the rooftop, or nests of animals in the downspouts that took their refuge there from the cold.

A light cleaning of the gutters and gutter guards in early spring can make your gutters capable to withstand the offerings of Fall.

  • Mid Fall

If your area witnesses plenty of leaf shedding in the fall – go for a cleanup in Mid Fall. This will probably pick up the larger pollutants like twigs and branches.

  • Late Fall

Post-Fall is winter arrival, so you need to get your gutter channels ready.

Opt for a thorough gutter cleaning service as Fall comes to an end, to remove the debris and smaller pollutants, and prevent freezing water and foundational cracks as temperatures fall.

Have your gutters thoroughly cleaned by usin these seasons and enjoy worry-free maintenance of the home throughout the year!  

OHA Home Service; Climbing the Ladder to Clean Gutters

As professionals in the field, we at OHA Home Service know what makes a gutter system tick.

With the ability to spot issues from far away (or ground level, in this case), our assistance in gutter cleaning can help prevent complications before they have the chance to turn into a ‘problem’.

Our years of experience and a truckload of specialized tools save you from an average DIY job on cleaning gutters and the hazards that come with usage of ladders and heavy hoses.

At OHA Home Service, your abode is ours, and your safety – our priority. Choose us for the best gutter cleaning services in town, and rest assured for satisfactory work.

If you are not content – our 100% Money Back Guarantee comes to the rescue!

Reach out to us and get a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How frequently should I opt for gutter cleaning in a year?

While there is no hard and fast rule on gutter cleaning, we suggest getting your gutters cleaned at least twice a year; especially before the arrival of the monsoon rains and in early Fall.

Q. Do Gutter Guards work?

While a gutter guard installation does not alleviate the need for guttering services, it reduces their frequency. Thus, making them a great investment to save up on regular gutter cleaning services.

Q. How long does your company take to clean the gutter and gutter guards?

At OHA Home Service, our priority is not a quick job, but a thorough and durable gutter cleaning service.

Our guttering usually wraps up within 2 hours. However, in case of greater clogging and blockages – it could last longer.

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