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Cleaner Air, Healthier Living: OHA’s Duct Cleaning Solutions

Indoor Air is Dirtier Than Air Outside

The quality of indoor air is found to be about 70 times more polluted than outdoors[1].

Yes, that is right.

What makes it even worse is that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, according to the American Lung Association[2]. It amplifies the adverse effects, exposing people to great danger.

The major reason behind the poor indoor air quality is unclean air ducts.

Premium Air Duct Cleaners; For You and For All

Whether you have purchased an old home or have been living in yours for a long time – just as everything else accumulates dust and bacteria, so do your air ducts.

However, cleaning the air ducts is a vastly different experience than simply cleaning an area.

This is where OHA Home Service comes in.

As fixers of all things related to heating and air, we specialize in effectively and efficiently cleaning air ducts.

Boasting a staggering 23-year experience in the field, we have state-of-the-art equipment to make your air ducts squeaky clean while you lay comfortably on your couch.

Embracing your home as our own abode, our team of experts ensures no stone is left unturned in giving you the satisfactory service you desire. 

Taking over your worries as our own, our motto – Fix My Air – means we stand attentive by our client, making their air comfortable, and their air ducts, a whole lot cleaner.

air duct cleaning

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

A sanitization practice that gained popularity a few years ago, Air Duct Cleaning is a massive albeit often overlooked component of house cleaning.

To understand what the cleaning process entails, it is important to have a quick overview of

What are Air Ducts?

These are simply passages in your home where the air travels, such as the inlet, outlet, and exhaust of air.

In technical terms, these passages are intertwined with your system of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

If you are wondering where these passages are, they are mostly located in the ceiling, floor and walls.

This means, out of sight and out of mind.

But we at OHA Home Service say this should certainly not be the case. 

The seclusion of these air ducts also makes them home for unwanted materials; potentially dirt, bacteria and mold – your air ducts could contain this and a lot more if not cleaned.

It has been found by research that an average six-room home in the United States accumulates about 40 pounds of dust annually! This includes regular dust in the home, as well as that in the air ducts.

As a result, Air Duct Cleaning is not just another service we offer, but a must-have in the times of today. 

Cleaning of the air ducts removes these pollutants and contaminants from the ducts, leaving them spick and span – and considerably raising the indoor air quality.

Potential Components of Unclean Air Ducts

When air ducts need to be cleaned, they may contain a plethora of unwanted entities:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mites
  • Pet hair
  • Food leftovers (by animals)
  • Rodent feces
  • Debris
  • Mold
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria

and a lot more!

What Does Having an Unclean Air Duct Present

Did you know?

Your HVAC system is responsible for the recirculation of your air.

The same air is circulated about 4-7 times within your home per day.

Let us visualize:

  1. Air – possibly polluted with dust, mites, pollen, and all kinds of dander – is transmitted from the living room into the air ducts.
  2. The ducts are already lined with all sorts of dirt and debris that have made their home in there for a long time due to lack of air duct cleaning.
  3. The same air is now further polluted with all kinds of mold and fungi caking the walls of the ducts.
  4. The air is transmitted into another room – perhaps your bedroom – via the vents and enters your respiratory system as you breathe in.

The process repeats 4-7 times a day, 28-49 times a week, 112-196 times a month, and 1344 to 2352 times a year.

Imagine, if you have not gotten your air ducts cleaned in over a year, you have possibly breathed in unclean and horribly polluted air at least 1344 times!

The result: Illnesses and all kinds of allergies.

A research by the Total Health & Better Health Magazine states that 1 out of 6 people suffering from allergies will be majorly affected due to the germs, fungi, and bacteria present in the air ducts, that they continue to breathe in – day in and day out.

On the other hand, if you have children in your home, the problem multiplies – massively.

According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, children, especially infants, have two features that make them more prone to get affected by polluted indoor air:

  1. Children breathe faster
  2. If crawling, they are closer to the ground and thus have close contact with carpets and rugs. These textiles absorb pollutants.

   Unclean air ducts  >  Polluted Indoor Air >  Absorption of Air by carpets  > Children breathe in polluted air when crawling

At OHA Home Service, we believe in upholding health and hygiene for all – and our children, our future for tomorrow, are especially not ones to be risked.

With occasional air duct cleaning – these risks are avoided, and health and safety prevail.

Our Simple Steps to a Seamless Process

While Air Ducts may be hidden from the eyes, our expert team at OHA Home Service makes sure to go deep within and cleanse them.

Our air duct cleaning process is simple to grasp, and even easier to apply.

air duct services

It follows a 5-step structure.

Inspection & Identification

Equipment Preparation

Duct Cleaning & Vacuum

Duct Sanitization

Vent Clean-Up

Step 1: Inspection & Identification

The key to a good air duct cleansing is knowing what pollution lies where, and we aim to do just that.

  • The team at OHA Home Service will visit your home and lead an assessment of the premises.
  • While our team will conduct an inspection of the air ducts, technologies like Boroscope cameras will also be used to go deep within the air ducts and find exactly where the contaminants seem lodged.
  • After identification of unclean areas, a report can be made available to you, paired with images of polluted air ducts.

This inspection report will define the course of air duct cleaning in your home.

Step 2: Equipment Preparation

We at OHA Home Service believe in giving you premium quality services – made easy with our state-of-the-art equipment.

  • After the inspection, the relevant and required equipment will be prepared and home-delivered to begin the HVAC service.
  • The vents will be sealed to disallow contaminated air to make its way into rooms once it is forced out of the air ducts.
  • Protective floor covers will be placed where needed to ensure no harm to your belongings.
air duct cleaning (before)
Air Duct: Before Cleaning

Step 3: Duct Cleaning & Vacuum

  • The cleaning process begins with a rough cleaning via air duct cleaning tools including large rotary brushes. These dislodge the debris and dirt from most areas and bring them at the front to be removed.
  • Next, our ultimate portable vacuum and blower – the HEPA-AIRE H2500TF – is placed to perform its magic.

Hooked to the air duct system, the microprocessor automatically adjusts blower speed to effective and safe levels. Air is blown into the ducts to remove mold from the walls, dust and debris from nook and crannies, and rodent/insect droppings from the floor. With sealed exits (indoor air vents), the blowing pollution remains in the air ducts.

  • Our powerful suction vacuum sucks the polluted air and other contaminants from the ducts and into our special HEPA vacuum be disposed of.

Your air ducts are now squeaky clean!

Step 4: Duct Sanitization

While most air duct cleaning enterprises will find their task completed by the third step, we at OHA Home Service wish to go a step beyond for the health and cleanliness of our clients and their homes.

Vacuuming may have taken away dirt and debris, but molds and bacteria are bound to redevelop if not treated.

Our expert sanitization team sprays a treated sanitization chemical spray at noted areas and distinguished return points.

This will hinder the growth of unwanted germs and bacteria in the air ducts – making your air duct cleaning endeavor, a durable experience.

Step 5: Vent Clean-Up

Finishing up on the task, the sealed vents are opened and thoroughly cleaned to ensure they do not have any remnants of dirt on them.

5 simple and effortless steps for you – and your Air Ducts are shinier than ever before!

When Should You Call Us?

Typically, air duct cleaning is not a frequent service to be availed.

How do you know when should you call us?

Look out for signs of unclean air ducts:

  • The vents are blowing dusty air
  • Visible mold developing inside the walls of the air ducts or outside of the vents
  • You can sense rodent infestations in your ducts
  • The power and energy bill have surprisingly spiked for reasons unfound (this could be owing to blocked air ducts)
  • You, or anyone in the home, is experiencing unexplained respiratory conditions/allergies.

If you find any of these characteristics in your home – know it is time to ring us.

OHA Home Service will be there in a moment’s span, without making you wait. 

Results of Our Premium Air Duct Cleaning Services

Offering guaranteed results, our services do not leave you guessing how your air ducts will be post-service. Instead, we give you a glimpse of the results when you book us.

What will our air duct cleaning achieve?

  • Eased indoor breathing
  • Reduction of foul odors
  • A cleaner living environment
  • Improved HVAC system
  • Consistent airflow
  • Possible reduction in power and energy bills (as much as 20%!)

OHA Home Service; Virginia’s Best Air Duct Cleaning Choice

Upholding your safety and hygiene, OHA Home Service aims at fixing your air.

A trusted leader in the industry for over 23 years, we believe in client satisfaction and comfort. Therefore, our services are tailor-made for our esteemed customers.

With a highly professional and qualified team, inspection reports and cost statements are given to you before the commencement of the cleaning process – to assist you in making an informed decision.

With a 100% moneyback guarantee, our customers are our priority, and our services – the best in the state.

However, don’t just let us tell you we are the best. Let us show you.

Book us for an inspection and allow us to take your home’s cleanliness, a notch higher! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the air duct cleaning process take?

Not even a day’s worth, we make our way in and out in merely a few hours.

On average, 2-3 hours is enough for complete air duct cleaning. If your air ducts are heavily blocked, it might take an hour or two more.

Q. Do you offer repair and maintenance of Air Ducts?

Yes. At OHA Home Service, we specialize in HVAC service and repairs.

If your air ducts have been installed for a long time, they may begin to wear out or ‘leak’. Thus, simple cleaning will not do the trick. They need repair and maintenance, and we offer our services in that and more.

Q. Will my home be dusty post air duct cleaning?

Absolutely not.

Our team ensures the cleanliness of your home from the first step until the last.

  • Technical experts enter your home wearing shoe covers to protect the flooring.
  • Vents are sealed to avoid blowing dirty air into the homes.
  • The air vents are cleaned post-service.

Q. How often should I get the air ducts cleaned?

On average, you should get the air ducts thoroughly cleaned every 3 years.

However, the frequency varies with each household. If you have pets at home, or your house is an old one – air duct cleaning should be relatively more frequent.   

[1] Environmental Protection Agency (https://www.mightyduct.net/services/statistics/)

[2] American Lung Association (https://www.mightyduct.net/services/statistics/)

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