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Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC)

HVAC System
– A Necessity One Cannot Do Without

From the scorching and humid summers to icy cold winters – we experience all extremes of weather in Virginia.

While your bodies might be accustomed to cope with the changing temperature, is your HVAC system ready to bear the change?

The systems of heating, cooling, and hot water add up to about 70% of an average household’s monthly utility bill. If your HVAC system is inefficient, sub-par, or simply not up to your home’s needs – your utility bill can go through the roof!

With OHA Home Service’s heating and cooling systems – you don’t have to worry about a thing as we cater to all your HVAC needs and empower you to truly enjoy all seasonal offerings of Virginia.

Heating & Cooling

OHA Home Service: Fixing Your Air

Oha Heating & Air

OHA Home Service was established over 26 years ago to address the needs of those requiring assistance in their residential or commercial properties’ heating and cooling systems.

Fixmyair LogoFrom helping choose the right gas and electric heating and cooling system, to installing and ensuring smooth functioning, we do it all. We go the extra-mile to provide you efficient HVAC system when and where you need it.

Our expertise extends to installation and repair of air quality control systems. This includes but is not limited to humidifiers, thermostats, and dehumidifiers.

Simply put, our aim is to Fix Your Air.

Our ideology is to do it, in the most feasible, economical, and hassle-free way.

What is an HVAC System?

While the installation of heating and cooling systems continue to surge in the United States, some of you may wonder about the story behind the HVAC.

At OHA Home Service, we wish to guide our clients right from the first step; which means understanding what an HVAC system is before making the purchase.

The HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is installed in residential and commercial properties alike to maintain the air, temperature, and humidity levels inside the building.

The secret component of the system lies in ‘V’: Ventilation.

This signifies a man-made and mechanical exchange of air between the interiors and exterior of a home. The same air is then utilized to make the temperature inside, habitable; warm in winters and cold in summers.

When needed, the heating duct takes over for heating air – marking the ‘H’ in HVAC. While the air conditioning service arrives for your assistance when the humidity gets troublesome – hence the ‘AC’ in HVAC.

In short, having an HVAC system in place means calling the shots on the one climate you can control: The Weather inside Your Home.

The Benefits of a Proper HVAC System in Your Home

If you feel the general weather is bearable and you do not need an HVAC system to take control of the air within your home – we at OHA Home Service can tell you with certainty that an HVAC installation has a lot more to offer, including:
  • Better Air Quality
  • Replenished Oxygen Levels
  • Alleviated Foul Odors
  • No Excess Moisture
  • Lower Electricity Bill (at least 20% lower with a good system!)
  • Cost Savings
If you opt for one of our smart HVAC systems, you can also gain access to your heating and cooling systems at the click of a button (or a touch of your smartphone!).

Why do You Need to Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling System?

Some of you may consider your homes have natural ventilation – doors, windows, exhausts – and thus the installation of an HVAC system may not be needed.

However, let the experts at OHA Home Service tell you that times have changed.

While in earlier times, homes were built using standards and materials that allowed air to easily flow through the home which allowed for ventilation, now the construction is more tightly built- which means lesser ventilation.

Thus, arises the need for mechanical ventilation via the HVAC system – and your need to upgrade!

As per the U.S. Department of Energy, the modern heating systems allow for efficiency levels as high as 97%! 

This is why people are making the shift to the newer and more modern heating and cooling systems. In fact, as the HVAC system sales continue on their rising trends, more than 14 million HVAC systems were sold in the U.S. in 2018 alone!

As your fellow Americans make the shift to the smarter, convenient way of living and breathing air – it is about time you do so too, with our help of course!


Categories of HVAC Systems; Have Your Pick

Once you are sure you wish to go ahead with the contemporary HVAC system installation, it is time to decide what category suits you best. While there are numerous forms of heating and cooling systems, we at OHA Home Service bring you only the cream of the industry:

Split Systems  

As the name suggests, this system is ‘split’ into 2 parts: one heats up your home while the other helps in the cooling. The cooling units are placed outside your home with large fans that blow out any warm accumulations from within your home. Conversely, the heating system may be situated in your garage, basement, or any other crawl space, using gas heating.

If you already have the ductwork present in your house – a split HVAC system might be the best and most affordable choice for you

The Packaged HVAC Installation

A complete package indeed, the packaged HVAC system comes as a one-unit-offer-all. Usually located high up in the attic, the system takes care of the heating and cooling needs of your home with the help of a single thermostat.

Compact, but surely clever!

From the variety of HVAC systems available, have your pick and let our team know. If you are feeling confused – reach out to us for guidance!

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Environment-friendly geothermal HVAC systems make use of the heat in the ground to manage the environment of your home.

When you need a geothermal heater – the heat is retrieved from the Earth. While, when in need of geothermal cooling, the heat ‘sinks’ into the cooler regions in the ground and the cooler air is exchanged in the interior air.

The Hybrid Split

Similar to the split HVAC system, the hybrid split has one key difference: the source of power. While the standard heating and cooling system of your home runs on gas, the hybrid one can run on gas or electricity; thereby proving to be energy efficient and considerably quieter!

Going Duct-Free

A duct-free HVAC system installation lets go of the need for air ducts, and instead gives you independent control of your rooms. The heating and cooling systems are individually installed in each room – giving you greater control, reducing energy waste, and proving incredibly advantageous in reducing your utility bills!

Pro tip: If you have created a new room in your home that is not connected to the original ductwork – call us for a duct-free HVAC system installation.

The Packaged HVAC Installation

A complete package indeed, the packaged HVAC system comes as a one-unit-offer-all. Usually located high up in the attic, the system takes care of the heating and cooling needs of your home with the help of a single thermostat.

Compact, but surely clever!

From the variety of HVAC systems available, have your pick and let our team know. If you are feeling confused – reach out to us for guidance!

Offerings of Having the Right HVAC Installation in Place

Contrary to common thought, purchasing the ‘largest’ or most expensive HVAC system isn’t always the best for your home.

Before making the decision, monitor your home’s needs and ask yourself:

  • Do I need HVAC contractors for one room, or the entire house?
  • How old is my house?
  • Does my home have prior ductwork installed?
  • Am I interested in eco-friendly HVAC systems like solar cooling and geothermal heating?
  • Is my home generally warmer, so I should prioritize better air conditioning services?

The questions will differ with each home, but the idea remains the same: Choose the HVAC system that suits Your Home best.

The right HVAC installation will lead to:
  • Longer run cycles
  • Lower price
  • Better air
  • Lower humidity levels
  • Prevention of mildew and mold formation in the ductwork, etc.
The right installation means better home, better environment, better air, and better lifestyle for you!

Customizing Your HVAC Service with OHA Home Service


To begin your HVAC installation procedure, we give our clients full freedom to express their desires and concerns.

Your home is your haven – and with our assistance, we hope to keep it just that.

Once you have decided upon the category of HVAC system, customize the HVAC services to your wants:

  • Choose the size of unit
  • Specify the grillwork
  • Discuss potential ductwork (from size to load)
  • Decide the return vents (Pro tip: The more the merrier for scattered airflow and ventilation throughout the home)

With your help, we design the perfect, bespoke HVAC system for your home – getting one step closer to Fix Your Air as is our mission.

Our Streamlined Process for Eased HVAC Installation

When you are in search of easy HVAC installation: hand it over to the professionals at OHA Home Service.

The installation of heating and cooling systems in your home is not a DIY job because of the permits needed, codes to abide by, and not to forget the countless technicalities involved from ductwork to the final get-go.

Furthermore, if you lack sufficient knowledge and expertise – a slightly wrong DIY installation could result in gas leakages, poorer efficiency, higher energy bills, and potential hazards too!

Keep you away from the complexities of central air installations, our 25-years experienced team at OHA Home Service arrives to take over your air needs.

Here is an easy and streamlined procedure of our customized HVAC service:

Step 1: Choose Your System

Step 2: Sort Out the Customizations

Step 3: Give Our Team the Go-Ahead

Step 4: Our Staff Arrives with the System and Outlines Potential Locations

Step 5: The System is Seamlessly Installed

Step 6: Set the Thermostat and Relax

Once installed, get ready to enjoy the benefits of controlling your home’s climate – all courtesy of one of the best HVAC companies in the State: OHA Home Service.

OHA Home Service; Your Companion for Fresher Air & Cozier Homes

With 26 years of being in the field, our team at OHA Home Service has seen just about everything concerned with the central heating and cooling of a home. From boilers to furnaces, ac repairs to HVAC tune ups, we have been through it all and emerged successful.

Therefore, we extend a hand of assistance to you, to pair our expertise and experience with your ventilation needs; and achieve what both of us desire most: Fresher Air and Cozier Homes.

Virginia Residents – Call us today for specialized HVAC services!

Frequently Asked Questions

HVAC systems are designed and installed in a way to ensure durability for years and years. While the exact number of years depends upon your way of usage and upkeep, a standard HVAC system can easily last for 15-20!

Maintain and repair!

  • Clean your filters or replace them, at least once a month.
  • Keep the blower ‘On’.
  • Add curtains and drapes to minimize heat seeping into the home via exposed windows.

Although often interchangeably used; the HVAC system and air conditioner are not the same. The air conditioning is one part (the ‘AC’) of the entire HVAC system.


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