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Gas Fireplace Sales, Installation and Repairs

With OHA Home Service by your side, you can stay warm and cozy all day, every day, be it the midst of snowy weather, freezing winds, a chilly night, or a cold day.

Embracing the Modernity with OHA Home Service

The continuous cycle of change has finally arrived at glowing hearths and transformed them into – drumroll please – modern gas fireplaces. 

While lighting the fireplace in the past may have included cutting, piling, and kindling messy wooden logs; the times have changed – for the better.  

At OHA Home Service, we bring you the frontrunners in the fireplace industry; gas fireplace installations that take away the hassle of igniting fireplaces, let go of messy hearths and alleviate all messy ashes

We bring gas fireplaces to your home so that staying warm in winters is merely a click of a button or a twist of a knob away.

With OHA Home Service by your side, winter will become your favorite season, and our modern gas fireplace inserts – your best friend.

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The Difference Between a Traditional Fireplace & Gas Fireplace

When we think of a fireplace, immediately a red-brick structure pops up in mind; with a multitude of logs burning within and a winding chimney above it, leading to the roof.

However, the same fireplace now stands in contest with its modern counterpart – gas fireplaces.

Source of Power

A traditional fireplace generates heat with the help of wood. Conversely, gas fireplaces run on gas.

Form of Control

A gas fireplace insert can be controlled by a remote or twisting and turning of knobs on a gas wood stove. On the other hand, traditional fireplaces require manual control. This means you would need to get up, have the logs arranged, place them in the hearth and light them on fire – all by yourself.


Wood burning leaves behind soot and ashes that would require dusting each time post fireplace burning. Gas fireplaces do not have the same properties, and thus require checking up occasionally only.


The olden days had chimneys for ventilation purposes of a conventional wood burning fireplace. As we switch to gas fireplaces however, the need for chimneys has reduced, especially in case of vent-free gas fireplaces.

Does it seem that the differences between a gas fireplace insert and the traditional wood-burning fireplace are actually the benefits of this modern hearth?

We think so too – which is why OHA Home Service recommends you switch from your old fireplace to the new gas-powered ones!

Why Switch to a Gas Fireplace?

Whether it is the lack of wood hassle that attracts you or its remote-control ability, there are plenty of benefits in converting your fireplace to gas.

In fact, a survey by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association concluded that about 1/3 of fireplace owners were thinking to remodel their hearths within the next year or two. These remodels were primarily thought to include:

  • Adding gas stoves
  • Installing gas fireplace in an additional room
  • Converting wood fireplace to gas, etc.

This means people are already switching to gas fireplaces, and if you haven’t thought to make the conversion until now – it is about time to do so!

A gas fireplace is:

  • Cost-Saving (up to 25% on fuel and energy!)
  • User-Friendly
  • Clean (no need to trouble with logs and wood dust)
  • Safe
  • Portable
  • Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly

Not only this, with a gas fireplace installation, you get your money’s worth! It is thought that merely 20-30% of the heat is lost to the surroundings, while you get to enjoy the most proportion for as long as you like, that too at the heat levels of your choosing!

Think you are warm enough? Simply switch off the gas burner instead of having to wait for the wood to cool down like in traditional fireplaces.

Choices, Choices; Types of Gas Fireplaces

If OHA Home Service has convinced you for its gas fireplace sale, it is time to make the decision.

What gas fireplace would suit your home well?

Let’s have a look at what we offer:

Gas Fireplace Inserts – putting the old chimneys to use!

When remodeling the old fireplace to a new, gas-powered one – some of you may wish to retain the old chimneys. With a gas fireplace insert; you can do just that.

As the name suggests, in this type, we insert the gas fireplace into your traditional hearth, which then uses the chimneys for its ventilation.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

In a direct vent gas fireplace, you need not have chimneys for ventilation. Instead, the fireplace is installed by an exterior wall, and has a two-layered pipe that links the fireplace to the outdoors.

This way, the exterior air is used up for flame ignition, and carbon monoxide automatically vents to the outdoors – posing no health risk.

Vent-Free Fireplaces and Gas Stoves

No pipes and no need for chimneys, the vent-free fireplace is one of the most popular offerings of OHA Home Service. In fact, as per Fireplaces Now, over 8 million homes in America are using vent-free gas fireplaces! 

Completely portable, you simply need a gas line and you are set to situate this gas fireplace anywhere.

A safety tip: Since this fireplace type draw on the oxygen in a room, it has oxygen depletion sensors. In case the oxygen levels drop beyond the required level – the gas automatically switches off, and your fireplace dims.

Whether you prefer the antique vibes of the chimney or wish for portable and aesthetically pleasing gas fireplaces – let us know and we will take care of the rest!

Exploring Our Gas Fireplace Add-Ons

While most fireplace installation agencies may think their work is complete with a gas fireplace installation – we at OHA Home Service think otherwise.

We give you the option of multiple add-ons, to make your modern gas fireplace stand out from the rest.

Choose between:

  • Remote Controls
  • Ceramic Gas Logs
  • Lava Rocks
  • Glowing Embers
  • Fire Glass
  • Burners
  • Firebox Liners for Decoration

and a lot more!

Choosing the Best Gas Fireplace Location

While some of you may have hearths built into the interior design of your homes, others may be going for a remodel and thus be confused on the best place.

With our experience of 23 years, listen closely when we tell you to find the rightlocation for your fireplace!

Ask yourself these questions before deciding a location:

  • Which room will your family spend most time in?
  • Where are exterior walls?
  • Is there an existing chimney in the home?
  • What type of gas fireplace am I choosing?

For example, in case of a vent-free gas fireplace, a relatively larger room – like the tv lounge – could be a great place for the fireplace to be situation as it enhances aesthetics, has enough oxygen, and will be the go-to room for yourself and your guests.

Installing the Gas Fireplace with OHA Home Service Experts

Not just a regular DIY job, installing a gas fireplace requires technical knowledge, inspections, and even permits in a few states.

Thus, it is best if you leave it to the experience – i.e. leave it to us at OHA Home Service with our 23 years of installing and repairing fireplaces.

Our seamless process of gas fireplace installation is 5-fold:

Pre-Installation Check

Platform Building

Gas Piping


Hook it Up!

Step 1: Pre-Installation Check

Once you have decided upon the type of fireplace you want and where you want it, our professionals will make a home visit for site inspection.

They will make sure your building conditions are aligned with the gas fireplace you desire.

Step 2: Platform Building

Except for a gas stove, most gas fireplaces need some platform. From warm hearths to modern sleek designs, ask and you shall receive with our team of experts.

Our professionals will ready the location and platform for fireplace installation.

Step 3: Gas Piping

Gas piping will be installed by certified professionals with specialist equipment to ensure no leakage.

This step should not be tried by yourself, as accidental gas leakages can be a major hazard.

Step 4: Ventilation

The exhaust will be fitted, and holes created in walls for apt ventilation depending upon the type of gas fireplace you choose.

Step 5: Hook it Up!

If you have chosen some of our special add-ons, this is where they come in. From glowing embers to lava rocks, your hearth is decorated the way you want – and your fireplace, lit up for a trial run.

With your satisfaction, our team takes your leave and leaves your home warm and glowing!

The Need for Regular Servicing & Repairs; Time to Call OHA Home Service

Whether your fireplace is an outdoor gas fireplace or a free standing gas fireplace; everything needs maintenance.

Fortunately, with gas fireplaces, the maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum, and annual or bi-annual inspections by OHA Home Service can leave your fireplaces intact and fully functional.

Here are signs you should call us for quick servicing:

  • Hissing Sounds in the Home: This could mean a gas leak. If you hear this, you should already be dialing our number!
  • Grimy Wiring: Like everything accumulates dust, so can gas piping and wiring connections. But, do not try to clean them yourselves. Ask our technicians to take care of wiring maintenance.
  • Pilot Light Problems: If you pilot light refuses to switch on, you may have faulty wiring,
  • Soot Buildup: Lack of proper ventilation can result in soot buildup, that is not good for the health of residents. Call us immediately.
  • Chimney Blockages: In case of a gas fireplace insert, the chimney is needed for ventilation. If your chimney is blocked with debris and soot however, the ventilation lacks. Contact us at OHA Home Service for a chimney inspection and sweep. 

Our Seamless Process to Gas Fireplace Repairs

As soon as you make the call for gas fireplace repair near me, our vans with technical experts are already on their way for fireplace servicing.

Our service gas fireplace servicing includes:

  • Checking the piping
  • Battery replacements
  • Search for soot buildup
  • Tracking ventilation channels
  • Gas leak checks
  • System check; including inspection of the pilot light, burner, mini volts, thermopile, etc.

We also go one step ahead in providing assistance to our esteemed clients by offering add-ons at this stage too.

If you have a pre-existing gas fireplace and hope to spice things up a bit – our servicing can bring lava rocks and ceramic logs to your place!

Warm and Fuzzy, with OHA Home Service’s Gas Fireplace Installation

Whether you prefer modern hearths or vintage fireplaces, traditional logs or ceramic ones – everybody loves a fireplace in their home.

In fact, research by the National Association of Homebuilders concludes that when purchasing a new home or remodeling an existing one, having a fireplace is the 2nd most loved and requested feature of clients!

With the low cost and high availability of natural gas in the United States, moving towards gas fireplaces is not just a choice, but a desire for most!

Pair with OHA Home Service and let us guide you towards a dampened fuel bill, hassle-free maintenance, and warmth at the click of a button – all courtesy of the mighty gas fireplace.  

Let’s make your days warmer, and nights cozy with a Gas Fireplace.

Get a Quote Today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a gas fireplace emit harmful fumes?

Every fireplace emits fumes. However, the fumes emitted from a gas fireplace are considerably less harmful than those by a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Furthermore, if installed with proper ventilation, the existence of toxic gases in your home because of a gas fireplace can be close to nil!  

Q. Do gas fireplaces need chimneys?

This depends upon the type of gas fireplace you have installed. In case of an insert – a chimney will be needed for ventilation, while a direct vent uses pipes.

Q. How often should a gas fireplace be serviced?

Requiring considerably less maintenance, your gas fireplace should be cleaned gently by you once a month. While a thorough cleanup by a professional agency (like us) should be done at least once a year.

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