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OHA's Wood and Pellet Stove Services

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3 Major Benefits Of Having A Wood And Pellet Stove

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Great source of heat to keep your house warm
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Can be used to cook on when the power is out.
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Beautiful and inviting Showpiece for any home.

Getting Through The Winter

There is nothing like the reliability of wood and pellet stoves to secure the warmth of your family during a storm.  Whether the power goes out or you want to improve the heat in your home wood and pellet stoves are a great idea. Whether you experience mild or harsh winters, these types of stoves are great alternatives to other traditional heaters. Why should you consider a pellet stove or a Woodstove? What benefits can you get from using a natural-sourced stove?

Well, the OHA Home Service company can give you some insights. If you’re worried about your utility bills when it comes to electricity or gas, the pellet or Woodstoves could be the way to go.

pellet stove

The Pellet Stove

The first thing to know is how a pellet stove operates. It is a heavy stove that will require a professional technician to install it for you, which is where we come in to help. Moreover, the pellet stove is a convenient alternative to traditional heating methods because it is considered to be environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Convenient Features of a Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are very similar to Woodstoves with the biggest difference being that they use compressed hardwood pellets instead of firewood. The fire burns cleanly, and the stove itself requires little maintenance, which is a convenient feature for the consumer. The pellet stoves will come with a storage hopper at the top of the unit where you can pour your pellets. From there, the sensors will monitor the fuel supply and release the pellets into the burning chamber as needed. The process is just that simple.

wood stove

The Woodstove

The Woodstove is another great option if you’re looking for a natural way to heat your home. As you’ve probably guessed, the Woodstove does indeed use wood to burn and heat your home. However, the concept of a Woodstove has certainly changed for the better in recent years. Woodstoves will be able to heat your home properly and beautifully. When it comes to installing the Woodstove, you can count on our qualified technicians to install it safely. We also offer maintenance services so that you can have your Woodstove working properly for years to come.

Choices in Woodstoves

Our techs can also recommend the right type of fuel to get the Woodstove going strong all winter. You’ll have a few choices to consider for your Woodstoves. The smaller units are ideal for heating one room. However, larger units are perfect for heating an entire home. You can also rest easy knowing that Woodstoves are decorative friendly and can fit any layout you have in your home.  


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A Trusted, Reliable Company

Why should you choose OHA Heating and Air for all your heating installations? We offer affordable prices along with quality results that’ll keep you nice and warm throughout winter. Our techs are trained and knowledgeable in all the heating and cooling areas of the job. Remember to contact our company to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about your new pellet stove or Woodstove.

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