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Benefits of A New HVAC System


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a symbol of human ingenuity and progress that has made our lives easier and enjoyable. 

Although great technology, HVAC remains a mystery to many.

Are you aware of the great potential a new HVAC system brings? 

To keep you abreast of all there is to know about HVAC, OHA Home Service presents a detailed guide that explains the benefits of a new HVAC system and highlights how HVAC service and HVAC companies can help you as well as the environment. 

 So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

The Need to Change

The first question to ask is, do we need to update our existing HVAC system? 

Can we not simply opt for an HVAC repair service through HVAC companies or HVAC contractors?

The short answer is “no.” It is simply not enough to search for “HVAC repair near me.” One must install a new HVAC system. Traditional heating and cooling systems are useful for a limited time. Beyond that time, their functionality reduces dramatically. Moreover, as the conventional air conditioning gets old and becomes subject to wear and tear, it consumes excessive electricity. Now, we would not want our utility bills to go into four and near-three figures, right?

Therefore, it is crucial to explore “HVAC installers near me” and contact HVAC companies for HVAC replacement and installation.

benefits of a new hvac system

Benefits of A New HVAC System

Saves Energy

Following the timeless credo, A penny saved is a penny earned; we strongly advise installing a new HVAC system as it can reduce your monthly utility bills by as much as 25-35%.

According to collected statistical evidence, older HVAC systems offer a 65% annual fuel utilization (AFUE). AFUE is a measure of how much energy is effectively used. To provide a 65% AFUE means that only 65% is utilized efficiently while the remaining 35% goes to waste. This contributes to increased fuel bills and has adverse effects on the climate.

Isn’t 35% a little too large of a number to ignore? We thought so also! Therefore, to help you bring the number down, we have some good news.

A new gas heating system operates on up to a 96% AFUE. This translates to almost complete fuel utilization and only 4% waste.

Increased Savings

Moreover, it is essential to understand how the performance of cooling systems themselves are rated. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures how efficient energy use is by air conditioning systems. The higher the number, the better the cooling system.

A great SEER range means only one thing: more savings that result in significant savings over time!

Our final word on how to save over time: get a new HVAC system in place, and you can forget about the worries of excessive bills and spend the time in leisure dreaming of the money that is sure to come your way.

Breathe Healthily

Old HVAC systems may contain traces of asbestos that are detrimental to health and classified as a carcinogen. Consequently, an archaic and rusty HVAC system poses a fatal threat to people, especially those with underlying breathing conditions.

Replacing your old system allows an opportunity to breathe healthier and cleaner air as new HVAC systems are not susceptible to rust and have filters that restrict the free movement of dust and eliminate airborne germs and bacteria.

So, suppose you have children, older people, or employees at a workplace who are susceptible to airborne diseases. In that case, a new HVAC system will assist in ensuring quality airflow that is cleaner, greener, and healthier.

If health is your number one concern, searching for an “HVAC service near me” could be the solution to all your breathing health concerns.

Let Peace Be Your Guide

Older HVAC systems are infamous for the loud noise they make. Even though the newer HVAC systems that followed earlier HVAC systems were considerably less noisy, they become susceptible to rattling and throttle that creates noise due to wear and tear.

Installing a new HVAC system can help you get rid of the unnecessary sound and noise. Moreover, some HVAC systems now have sound-absorbing systems that can eliminate any loud noises that are often inherent in bulkier and stronger HVAC systems.

To feel the comfort of your air conditioning without being disturbed by the unnecessary noises, one must invest in a new HVAC system.

Moreover, studies have demonstrated how a calm work environment can lead to better work performance. This gives an increased incentive for workplaces to integrate new HVAC systems in offices. Replacement can increase employee productivity, which can also increase and generate more profits for the company.

Smart Access

How many times has it happened that you forgot to turn off your heater or the air-conditioner?

The same issues arise with HVAC systems when users forget to switch them off, and people are left wondering, “am I colling or heating an empty house?”

To ease your mind and prevent any electrical mishaps, HVAC dealers like OHA now offer smart remote access. Even if you are away from your home or office and want to control your HVAC system, you can access it by connecting to it over Wi-Fi.

Additional Comfort

Installing new HVAC systems can help regulate the temperature according to your needs and wants. A new system reduces unwanted drafts and air duct leaks. It will create an overall improved airflow that is crucial to offer uniform temperature. 

Increasing Value

Several factors affect the value of a house, such as

  • Location
  • Safety of the neighborhood
  • The expected increase in value in the future
  • Crime rates
  • Proximity to recreational centers

While all the factors mentioned above are known by most, according to Forbes magazine, the house’s construction that efficiently regulates its temperature is a crucial factor in value.

According to a study conducted, potential buyers agreed to a higher price when the house had a relatively better HVAC system versus when the house had an older or no HVAC system in place.

While these facts seem “common knowledge,” the difference between a new HVAC system and an old HVAC system can make or break the deal.

If you have plans to sell your house or hope to see your house’s value increase in the near future, you must be ready to splurge on a new HVAC system as it brings a material increase in the economic value of your house.

Compliance with Regulations

Suppose you are installing a new HVAC system. In that case, your insurance company is likely to believe that your residence or workplace is relatively safer as a new HVAC system reduces the likelihood of fires and electrical mishaps.

Which, in turn, allows insurance companies to offer you a better and cheaper insurance rate. Thus, as you install a new HVAC system, not only are you saving in the long term but also in the short term!

Things to Remember Before Installing A New HVAC System

Choosing an HVAC Service

Make sure to choose the right HVAC contractor. Select the HVAC service that offers a range of SEER options, variable and well-programmed thermostats, sealed ductwork, and sufficient insulation.

Type of HVAC System

Determine what type of new HVAC system will work best for you. Should you choose one with electrical cooling and natural gas furnace or the one that offers an air-source heat pump? The type of HVAC system you must opt for depends on the climate and location where the new HVAC system will be installed.

Determining the Type

Having determined the type, choose an appropriate size. You might be tempted to go for the bulkier HVAC systems, but they do not work well for smaller spaces.

Consult A Professional

Lastly, if all of the information gets too overwhelming or technical, don’t sweat it! Leave it to the professionals, and they will determine the perfect fit for your house or workplace.


Everything ages with time and needs to be replaced. When one fails to replace what has outlived its operational age, HVAC maintenance, and associated operating costs are far greater than anything one can imagine.

HVAC systems have always been effective and efficient. However, old HVAC systems become less efficient, expensive, noisy, and unhealthy.

To save thousands of dollars in electricity bills and constant air conditioning repairs, we recommend installing a new HVAC system that will bring a breeze of cold air and a much-needed bliss to your life.

Looking for premium quality, cost-effective HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services? Get in touch with OHA Heating and Repair now!

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