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Uninterrupted Power, Total Peace of Mind: OHA’s Whole House Generators

Electricity: The Lifeline That Keeps Us Going

Imagine a regular day at home, with the Wi-Fi working, air-conditioner switched on, television, and your kitchen appliances operating at full throttle, preparing the next meal.

Out of the blue, the power goes out.

Everything stops working all of a sudden – and life comes to a stand-still.

This is why purchasing and maintaining the best backup home generator is essential today.

This is where OHA Home Service comes in.

Power Outages in America

While power outages in the United States are uncommon, they do happen and can be a cause of major concern. A report states that every US state saw an electrical outage in 2017, and it lasted for 7 hours on average. In some states, the power outages even went on to 14 massive hours.

In April 2020, a tornado left 4.3 million people powerless from Texas to Maine. While in August, a derecho caused 1 million people to lose power across various states.  

As per the USDA, the food in your refrigerator remains safe for merely 4 hours without power, after which it is deemed inconsumable.

Refrigerated medicines mostly last up to a day without electricity.

Your mobile’s battery usually diminishes within a day, or less in case of usage.

In case you had assignments pending or work-from-home due, the Wi-Fi immediately takes its leave, and your productivity eventually drops

Had there been a whole house generator to power the home – the blackout would not have made any difference, and this is what we seek to achieve.

whole house generator

OHA Home Service: Powering Virginia, One Generator Set a Time

In times when access to electricity is a fundamental right and blackouts and power shortages can be unforeseen; the need arises for a backup plan.

We at OHA Home Service give you that fallback in the shape of whole house generators.

Our mission was simple: to become a companion of our customers when times get dark. What better way to help you in the dark, than by giving you light in the form of home generators!

With an experience of over 23 years in generator sales, installations, and repairs, we vow to provide quick and reliable services to our esteemed clients in Virginia.

Our vision: to power Virginia, one generator set a time.    

Why You Need a Generator

As climate change continues to affect the world in full swing, forecasting the weather has become a difficult job, and natural disasters have become more frequent.

This means; greater possibility of power outages with less to no warning!

This is why OHA Home Service recommends the purchase of a house generator.

A generator set has the following benefits:

  • Keeps the refrigerator running
  • Illuminates the home
  • Charges medical devices
  • Sustains life-saving drugs in need of refrigeration
  • Helps in camping out (portable generators for the win!)
  • Can charge your electric car

Apart from standard benefits, a generator is a need in case you run your business from home – that is when you simply cannot afford blackouts.

Or, if you live in a fire-risk zone with occasional electricity outages.

In short, everybody needs a connecting generator to their home for peace of mind in case electricity issues come knocking (or barging) in.

Power Generators – Raising the Worth of Your Home

If you are hesitant to purchase a whole house generator because the probability of a power outage in your State remains unclear; we at OHA Home Service tell you to purchase it anyways.

A report presented by Remodeling Magazine found that the installation of a standby home generator system could lead to a massive return on your investment – up to 150%! While Consumer Reports indicate that the value of your home can increase between 3-5%.


A power outage is not only detrimental for you, but also your home appliances. When electricity returns, differing voltages can overheat, damage, and burn your appliances.

In fact, electrical outages result in an annual cost of $150 billion for American households!

This is why Americans prefer to have stand by generators installed in their current homes and look for generator sets when purchasing a new home.

What Type of Generator is Best for Your Home?

If you have decided upon a generator purchase; it is time to decide which one.

There are 3 main categories offered by OHA Home Service:

1. Home Standby Generator

Ideal for smaller homes, a home standby generator generates 8-22 kilowatts in power and can help in running the rather important appliances of your home: lights, fans, battery charge, perhaps even an air conditioner.

This type, however, cannot power an entire house. 

2. Portable Generator

Unlike a generator permanently hooked to your home, the portable generator needs to be taken out, fueled up, and attached to your house’s power in case of an outage.

This type works best if you need a gen-set for camping, etc.

Whole House Generator

Generating 22-48 kilowatts of power, the Whole House Generator does exactly as its name entails; powers the entire home.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Powerful Engines
  • Effective Load Management
  • Multiple Fuel Options
  • Longer Running Time

From lighting to air conditioners to the usual appliances – you will not even notice a power outage with a whole house generator running your home. Which is why our team of experts suggests no compromise on quality and durability and recommends whole house generators as the best generator for home.  

Making a Choice: Questions to Ask Yourself

When choosing a generator for your home, the professionals at OHA Home Service urge you to take your time to make the right decision.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding the generator, you want:

  1. Do you have a specific purpose for buying the generator?
  2. Are you looking for an inverter generator or a whole house generator?
  3. What appliances would you want running on your gen-set?
  4. Do you want a transfer switch in your generator?
  5. Where will you place the generator to hook it up to the house?
  6. What fuel options do you have in mind for your home generator?

If you suddenly feel confused with the answers to these questions; there is no need to be.

Reach out to us at OHA Home Service and we will guide you through the generator purchase process to ensure you make the right pick.

We Offer Premium Generac Whole House Generators

Offering nothing but the best for our clients, we provide in Generac whole house generators.

Prided as one of the leading manufacturers of home standby generators in the world, Generac has been in the industry since 1959.

Its generators:

  • Are resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Follow an easy installation process
  • Have a quiet generator mode (better performing than most brands)
  • Promote environmental friendliness with considerably less fuel consumption and lesser fuel emissions.

With Generac’s experience of a staggering 50 years in the industry and OHA Home Service serving you from 23 years – our combination is one of premium quality and excellence.  

Purchasing the Generator: Aspects to Consider

When choosing the best Generac whole house generator for your home, there are 4 key aspects to consider:

1. Fuel Type

Our generators use Natural gas, Liquid Propane, and Diesel as their fuel.

When making your choice, know that diesel and liquid propane require storage space, while a natural gas generator makes use of the gas piping and meters in your home.

2. Kilowatts

Our wide range of generators have sufficient wattage for all purposes.

From below 7kW gen-sets to mighty ones boasting above 41kW, make your pick according to your electrical load.

Pro tip: Choose a generator that offers wattage around 20-25% above your needed maximum electrical load. 

3. Transfer Switch

With our Generac generator, you have a choice of inclusion of transfer switch. Such a generator is termed as an automatic generator because an internal sensor detects a power outage, disconnects the power line, and starts your generator automatically.

4. Price Range

We pride ourselves in offering affordability for all. Thus, our whole house generators lie in various bands of prices starting at minimum rates of within $1000 up to $12000+.

Find the right blend of the 4 key aspects – and you will have determined the best whole house generator for yourself.

Hooking up the Generator to Your Home; OHA Home Service Gets to Work

While it might seem easy to install a generator in your home by yourself, the process until the installation is a tedious one.

This is why, our team of professionals at OHA Home Service take the job off your hands by providing impeccable service.

Our procedure has 5 simple steps:

Obtaining the Permit

Mobilizing Generator to Location

Prepping the Generator Base

Generator Installation

Hook up and Power On!

home generator

Step 1: Obtaining the Permit

Most states need a permit if you wish to install a whole house generator in your home. Our team takes care of such formalities for you.

Step 2: Mobilizing Generator to Location

Generators weigh a lot and need special equipment to be lifted.

We make use of trucks for transport and forklift and lift-gate for the loading and unloading of your gen-set.

Step 3: Prepping the Generator Base

Generators sit upon a concrete base or pre-fabricated generator pads. Our team of experts preps the location with the required base for you.

Step 4: Generator Installation

  • The generator is mounted to the designed base
  • Transfer switch connected
  • Fuel source secured

Step 5: Hook up and Power On!

After a safety check, our team will conduct a test run by switching off power to see how your newly installed gen-set works.

The Upkeep of Your Home Generator

With customer satisfaction as our utmost priority, the job of OHA Home Service does not end with the generator installation.

We take our service one step further by offering you repairs and maintenance for your power generator.

Our team of technicians:

  • Perform Filter Changes
  • Provide Oil Changes
  • Flush the cooling system of your generator set
  • Change the spark plugs, if need be
  • Check for Leakages
  • Monitor Engine Performance, etc. 

At OHA Home Service, fulfillment of your whole house generator needs is our 1st priority.

With OHA Home Service – Never be Left in the Dark

Aware of the need of constant electrical power, OHA Home Service stands as rigid as wall against power outages in Virginia by providing the best generator for your home.

Whether you wish for a small, portable generator to suffice minimal needs or home to empower your entire home via a supreme quality whole house generator – at OHA Home Service, you need only ask, and you shall receive.

Offering affordable generator sets and customized repairs and after-sales service for our esteemed clients, we hope to be the guiding light for our customers when they need us most.

Pick up the phone, dial our number, and have your gen-set delivered and installed in no time.

With us by your side, there is no need to fear blackouts in Virginia ever again. We will ensure you are never left in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much wattage does a generator need to power a standard house?

While the answer depends upon the purpose of generators and appliances being used, a standard small to medium sized home can run its necessary appliances (lights, fridge, air conditioner) with 5000-7500 watts. 

Q. For how long can we expect whole house generators to run the home?

Your whole house generator should continuously run worry-free until it runs out of fuel.  Many generators accept multiple fuel types including propane, natural gas, diesel fuel, and gasoline fuel.

Q. How long can I expect my Generac generator’s life to last?

Created specifically for extended and quality usage, the Generac generators installed by us are expected to have an average lifetime of 30 massive years!

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