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10 Things You Need to Know About HVAC Repair King George VA

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A fully functional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is a nearly a year-round requirement, especially if you live in King George, VA.

After all, don’t you want to stay warm and comfy during the snowy winters and chill during the hot, muggy summers?

With regular usage, your HVAC system is bound to be under tremendous strain, and it can eventually begin malfunctioning or break down altogether.

Even with routine HVAC maintenance, it’s entirely possible that you may not be able to catch problems before they escalate.

But you don’t need to worry; we are here to tell you exactly what you need to know about HVAC repairs in case your (overworked) HVAC system shuts down.

Regular HVAC Repairs Are More Important Than You Think

Your HVAC system is in charge of keeping your home at an optimal temperature while also ensuring good air quality and energy efficiency.

HVAC maintenance is generally proactive, which means it is performed before the system has an issue. Proper maintenance of your HVAC equipment will help to delay the expense of purchasing new equipment.

HVAC repairs are generally reactive, which means they are done when the system breaks. Repairs can be expensive and sometimes do not work, leading to the necessity of replacing the system. It is always a good idea to have annual or bi-annual maintenance completed on your system by a professional. 

Leaks, corrosion, and problems blowing hot or cold air are just a few things that might go wrong with your HVAC system.

And because everything from clogged filters to dirty coils can cause great inconvenience—especially during King George, VA’s muggy and humid summers—you must regularly keep up with your maintenance.

Now that you know why you need to opt for HVAC services, let’s go over some facts and basics about HVAC repairs that you need to know to put a plan into place.

1.   HVAC Replacement Is Costly

First things first, heating and cooling systems account for more than half of total household energy use and can cost thousands of dollars to replace.

Full HVAC unit replacement expenses can range anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000 depending on the type of system, efficiency, features, and air quality add-ons.

That’s a lot of money to spend, isn’t it?

The good news? Maintaining the quality of your HVAC system through routine maintenance and repairs is a great way to save money on monthly energy bills and avoid the high cost of replacing the system or searching for HVAC contractors.

2.   Reaching Out to A Professional Is the Best Solution

HVAC repairs can be tricky, especially because these mechanical systems have many moving parts that need specific attention and sensitive handling.

While it may be tempting to perform a tune-up or repair yourself by watching YouTube, your HVAC system has high voltage and dangerous gases that need an expert. You should not attempt to repair your HVAC system unless you have experience doing it. 

As far as basic tasks like changing air filters and cleaning the drain are concerned, you should have no trouble. Everything else should be left in the capable hands of a certified HVAC company.

Now you know the importance of reaching out to a professional.

3.   Strange Noises Demand Attention

This is arguably one of the most prevalent complaints received by an HVAC repair company in King George, VA, particularly during rain spells.

Hearing strange noises—whether it’s clanking, scraping, or rattling—can indeed be annoying and stressful.

The first thing that comes to mind for most people is that they’re in for a pricey heating and air repair bill or that their HVAC system needs to be replaced entirely.

Fortunately, not all noises necessitate a complete system replacement. It’s entirely possible that the motor is going bad or something is slipping or wearing out. Sometimes these types of repairs can be expensive, but other times they are not.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not delay contacting an HVAC repair professional. A repair bill will always be less expensive than a total replacement. So save your hard-earned money by acting on time!

4.   Excess Moisture/ Water Leakage Means Trouble

You can expect a certain level of moisture surrounding your HVAC unit, and it should not be a cause for alarm.

However, if you see that water has begun to pool and grow, it’s time to have it inspected.

You may also notice condensation around your house, most evident on glass windows, doors, and tile floors. Mold and fungus can grow due to this extra moisture, which not only ruins your furniture but also puts your family’s health at risk.

5.   Too Much Dust in Your Home Means HVAC Isn’t Working Effectively!

Do you continuously clean your home, but it still appears to be dustier than before?

This may cause you some confusion, given that the weather in King George, VA, is rarely ever dusty. So, what’s going on?

The continuous dust could actually signify that your system is faulty and you need HVAC repairs.

Excessive dust accumulation in your HVAC unit’s ductwork can move particles throughout your home, making it difficult for your family to breathe due to poor indoor air quality.

Lucky for you, this is a relatively simple fix. All you have to do is reach out to a professional HVAC company.

6.   Ice Formation Around the Heat Pump Or Air Conditioner Is A Sign Your HVAC Isn’t Doing Its Job

Ice buildup on outdoor units can be a major issue and is almost always a sign that something serious is wrong with your HVAC unit, and a professional needs to be called. 

So what causes it?

Unless it is snowing, the issue is with the HVAC unit and can be anything from poor airflow to leaking refrigerant. There are other causes of course, but these are common issues.

7.   When Your House Isn’t Staying Cool Anymore, You Need HVAC Inspection

You might also notice that your house isn’t as cool and comfy during the summers as it used to be. This could be due to different reasons, but it’s a clear indication that your HVAC unit needs an inspection.

A faulty thermostat, for example, could be the source of the problem. After all, if your thermostat goes out, your HVAC system won’t be able to keep the temperature you want. Check to see if your thermostat has a battery, and replace it if needed.

Another possibility is that the fan isn’t operating or that the Freon levels aren’t as high as they should be. It’s also possible that your HVAC unit’s compressor has stopped working.

In any case, you should reach out to a professional for some basic HVAC maintenance and repairs.

Now that you’re aware of some major signs to look for, how about we also tell you what you should do to minimize your repair costs? Sound like a good idea? Then keep reading to find out!

8.   Simple HVAC Cleaning Can Save You Some Bucks

As previously mentioned, your HVAC system becomes dirty over time, causing the system to work inefficiently.

Cleaning your outdoor unit is easy, and we recommend doing it whenever you are mowing your lawn. Gently spray the fins with a water hose, making sure to get in between the crevices to get all of the muck out. Also, check that your unit is level and does not wobble or shake unnecessarily when running.

Additionally, make sure that your furnace is free from clutter and that vents are not covered or restricted.

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9.   A Clogged Filter Can Damage Your HVAC System

The simplest and easiest thing you can do to prevent costly HVAC repairs—even if you don’t know where to begin—is to change the filters regularly.

Dirt can clog the filter, trap toxic particles, and restrict air movement, reducing performance and efficiency.

Your HVAC system will work harder, and your energy costs will rise, resulting in costly repairs and replacements—all of which can be avoided by some simple filter replacements.

10.        Regular Professional HVAC Checkups Are Essential!

A check-up entails an on-site visit from an HVAC expert who will inspect that your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

A professional check-up can be done one or two times a year, and it can help you ensure that your HVAC system does not fail when you need it most during the hot summer and cold winter months.

The expert will see that all the components are clean and in good working order, including the fan’s condition, cleaning the coils, inspecting drain lines, and preventing leaks.

In the long run, it will help you save on energy costs as well as unexpected repair bills.


It’s easy to delay HVAC maintenance, especially when you think you can get away with it for a little bit longer. But remember, maintenance generally catches the little problems before they become big problems.

When you notice your HVAC system having a problem, don’t delay, the problem will only get worse and likely cost more money to fix. You don’t drive your car with the check engine light on, and your HVAC system should be treated with the same care.

With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to take care of problems before they become more serious, saving you money on pricey replacements and avoiding sudden breakdowns.

After all, we’re sure you don’t want to end up with a broken HVAC unit during the peak of chilly, snowy winters in King George, VA (or the hot summers, for that matter!)

Whenever you need professional HVAC repair and maintenance services in King George VA, contact OHA Home Service right away!

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